Saint Luke’s Thursday morning prayer group

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A Poem by Tina Stringfellow

We gather together
 every week
even faithfully.
Do I wait all week for this chance
to get together,
to be taken care of,
to have my problems addressed?
Well, there are the others
who are keeping me in their hearts.
 And they have taken their place
each one, in mine.
It’s a privilege, isn’t it?
Although it can feel like a burden.
How can i take someone else’s problem
and add it to mine?
But that’s just it! I don’t have to.
There is the Intermediary
the Holy Spirit who reminds us
that we are not each alone.
This is not just a support group
although it can be that.
Bolstered by The Spirit
the one who gathers us—
under her wing!
We should all be huddled
we are praying in a huddle
there– we break at the end
of the meeting, the meeting of hearts.
And we have put ourselves and others
in healing’s way
out of harm’s way
into healings way
Healing’s way through the week ahead
until we meet again.

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