Thank you for choosing to give to St. Luke’s. Your contributions help us to keep our ministries going, and help us to prepare for the redevelopment of our property–to make this a place and a space where all may be welcome.

Ways to Give

Putting a check or cash into the offering basket isn’t the only way to make a donation to St. Luke’s. There are a variety of options that are especially well-suited for people who don’t often carry cash or a checkbook. If you have questions about any of these payment methods, contact Niki at or 206.784.3119.

Electronic auto-payments (also called ACH or Automated Clearing House transfer). Sign up with Vanco to have monthly or semi-monthly donations sent from your bank account. Contact Niki for a form to get started

Paypal lets you donate using a credit or debit card. Simply click the button below or scan the QR code. Please know a 3% fee is charged before the rest goes to St. Luke’s, but donors can choose to cover that fee in addition to the donation amount.

Scanning this QR code from your smartphone takes you to the Paypal site:

Internet Banking saves you from writing checks. You direct your account to pay St. Luke’s. St. Luke’s receives the full amount of the check. Your bank will write a check to St. Luke’s, identify you as the source and mail us a check. Works fine but isn’t as efficient as ACH.

Donate stocks through the Diocese, naming St. Luke’s. You receive a tax deduction for the stock price at the end of the day you donate. St. Luke’s receives the total amount on the day it’s sold. Neither the Diocese or their stock broker benefit. You’ll have to fill out a special form to receive your tax deduction, but may not pay on capital gains. Check with your accountant. Use this form for information on how to give a gift of stock.

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) Up to $100,000 can be donated directly to St. Luke’s without incurring taxes. You must make the request to the company that holds your IRA, and they must sell the stock and send a check. St. Luke’s receives the total of the sale. You cannot take the cash, donate the money yourself and receive the tax deduction. See your representative for your IRA for details.

During our 2022 Fall Giving Campaign, we heard from some of our congregants about why they give to St. Luke’s. Here are our gratitude moments with Garet Nenninger, Susan Edwards (read by Barbara Wilson), Brian and Debbie Moore, Paige Lowe, and Gil Greenman.