January 12

In the coming week our nation celebrates a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, and the Christian Church honors Saint Antony of Egypt. Both are exemplars of faithfulness in very different ways. They come from different eras: Rev. Dr. King from the 20th Century and Antony from the 4th. One was a monk who spent most of his long life in solitude in the desert and the other was a preacher engaged with the most potent political movement of his time.

What they have in common is their willingness to give their “full measure of devotion” to what they believe God had called them to. Both were founders of movements that continue to shape the Church and the world. Antony is known as a Desert Father in the monastic tradition, and King is one of the primary movers of the Civil Rights Movement.

We continue to engage both of these traditions in our worship and mission. This October, my husband Bryon and I, with Canon Carla Robinson, will lead a group on a Civil Rights Pilgrimage where we will follow many of the events of King’s life and ministry. If you’d like to learn more, please join our Zoom informational session this Thursday, January 18. On Wednesday January 17 you can come to a new church, dedicated to St. Antony of Egypt, for the celebration of ministry for the Rev. Hillary Kimsey, our recent Assisting Priest.

As the New Year gets underway and the season following Epiphany focuses on the call to follow Jesus, just as the Magi followed the star, you may be considering your own call. What is the next faithful step that you can take? How can you use your gifts and experiences in love for God and neighbor? Last Sunday we renewed promises made by us or on our behalf at our baptism, and were asked a series of questions about living out our faith in daily life. Perhaps they can provide some food for thought as you look at the year ahead.

With faith, hope and love,
Canon Britt