I often hear, “Advent is my favorite time of the church year.”  It’s true for me as well.  I love the simple beauty of the greenery and the candles on the Advent wreath.  The music fills my soul with stirring lyrics and ancient melodies.  We set aside space and time in a busy season to reflect, listen, wait and hope for the light of the world to shine in our hearts and lives.

Some are returning to familiar rituals while others are making new ones in a new place.  What a joy it is to gather together around tables again and to commune at home and in church.  How sweet is it to see the wonder, anticipation and delight in the eyes of children as they experience anew the mystery of the holy.

We don’t know if this may be the last Advent/Christmas we will spend in our current buildings so we have planned a full schedule of all our favorite things:  wreath making, greening the church, the Pop-up Pageant, and Evening Candlelight Eucharist in the Chapel.  Ritual is often tied to place and memory so this will be a particularly meaningful time for St. Luke’s.

This is a month of anticipation, of hope and renewal, of waiting for what God is bringing forth.  We are to be present, to listen and pay attention so that we might be ready to receive the promise of God and share the light and love of Christ.

With faith, hope and love,

Canon Britt