This past Sunday I preached under the watchful eyes of Martin Luther. He is positioned in the balcony of Ballard First Lutheran so that he is looking down directly at the preacher and it’s a very intimidating stare! Thankfully, the clergy and congregation were warm and welcoming and no one accused me of heresy! They are more than willing to share their church space with us when we move off site during construction and, just recently, the Bishop’s Committee voted to pursue a lease arrangement that would take effect sometime in early 2024.

Throughout history, the people of God have experienced times of exile and displacement. Temples have been destroyed, regimes have forced people of faith underground, churches have burned, congregations have split. I remember the first time I entered our historic chapel. I fell to my knees sensing the Spirit of God’s presence. Many years later, I realize that God’s presence is in the community of the faithful who continue to worship, pray, and serve in this place.

The Spiritual Pilgrimage in coming to completion for our current pilgrims. Sunday I rushed back to St. Luke’s for an enlivening, laughter-filled, honest experience of holy presence in this group of pilgrims and companions. My heart is full as we journey together.

This Easter season has been full of new life, beginning with a baptism and continuing through the many ways we have gathered together: to love and serve our neighbors, to love and serve one another in mutual, life-giving ministry. Together we will move forward, led and inspired by the Spirit.

With faith, hope and love,
Canon Britt

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