September 22

Preparing for a journey

The readings from the Hebrew Scriptures for the following weeks are from Exodus, the story of God’s leading of the people out of Egypt into the desert until they are ready to enter the land of promise. These texts are also the theme for St. Luke’s as we consider our move away from our current buildings and location while we await the promise of a new building on our own land of promise.

The Bishop’s Committee, Property Stewardship Team and Giving Team are all working to ensure that we are able to remain faithful and stay together during this time of transition. We have prayed, researched and planned for this time. Now we are waiting for the final 6 months’ notice letting us know when we will vacate our property (probably sometime next year after April).

Of course, there is much that we cannot control and we walk by faith, in love and with hope. There will be challenges. There will be grumbling (Moses certainly experienced a lot of this). And it will probably take longer and cost more than we anticipated. And in the midst of all that, God has been incredibly faithful to provide what we need daily.

Your prayer and support are essential for this remarkable redevelopment. Thank you.

With faith, hope and love,
Canon Britt