March 28

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Recently I heard a song on KEXP with the refrain, “Maybe you’ve got to break me to see what I’m made of.” Good Friday shows us what Jesus is made of. He is both God and man. He prays, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,” and “Take this cup from me.” He also forgives the repentant thief from the cross and commits his spirit to the God he trusts completely. In his brokenness we see the glory of God and even the glory of the human person, fully alive (St. Ignatius).

Holy Saturday comes to a close with the Great Vigil of Easter. In this most dramatic and moving service formed from ancient tradition we begin in darkness with the lighting of the new fire. We move through the history of pain, loss, brokenness and fear of the people of God and follow them as they experience the movement of the Spirit, freedom, forgiveness and restoration. For the first time in weeks, we will shout Alleluia and herald the dawn of the resurrection as once again we are renewed and reborn.

Many of you will only be present for Easter Sunday and that’s okay! The compassion of Christ revealed in bread and wine on Maundy Thursday, the power of God’s silence on Good Friday, and the awesome mystery of the New flame lit at the Great Vigil will resonate throughout our Easter celebration. Once again we remember the triumph of love over hate, good over evil, and life over death. We share a feast with friends and strangers and are strengthened to feed others with faith, hope and love.

This Holy Week is at the heart of our worship and identity as followers of the risen Christ. The pattern of dying and rising is the pattern of our life in Christ.

Have a blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter!
Canon Britt