Our Vision

We seek to form Beloved Community, which is welcoming and diverse, with Christian worship and service at the heart.

Core Values

Beloved Community + Loving Service + Sacred Space + Spirit Filled + Sustainability

Our Mission

We feed people in body, mind and spirit with the love of God, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved Community

We have a historic commitment to the Ballard neighborhood and wish to see it flourish. We seek to connect with and pray for local shopkeepers, restauranteurs, community groups, housed and unhoused neighbors. Beloved community includes all who approach the Communion table and all who visit the Edible Hope Kitchen, all who have the means to provide their own daily bread and all who rely on local services. We see beloved community come together around the table, the garden, the courtyard, and even the sidewalk.

Loving Service

St. Luke’s is characterized by radical devotion in service to the poor. Recent gentrification in Ballard is in contrast with a history of modest, working class homes and the presence of seasonal workers who often ran out of money while in port. Poverty, homelessness, addiction and mental illness are not new to the neighborhood and have accelerated in the past decade.  

Sacred Space

We wish to be a visible expression of Christian community in the heart of Ballard. We honor the sacrifice and service of faithful people who have worshiped and ministered in this place for over a century. Our historic chapel is a symbol of our history and Christian witness. It has a spiritual resonance of holiness and transcendence. Words to describe this space include “a third place,” “my spiritual home,” “surrounded by peace and joy,” “a quiet oasis,” and “a place of grace, welcome and healing.” 

Spirit Filled

An atheist business neighbor describes St. Luke’s as “Spirit driven.” We experience the presence of God’s Spirit over the entire property, not just during Sunday worship.  Both parishioners and guests at our various ministries talk about finding a place where their spirits can rest and they are able to reflect and pray. We wish to provide programs and space where the soul can be nurtured and we can grow in love, compassion and understanding.


St. Luke’s is committed to environmental stewardship and care for the Earth. We love our “front yard,” the SLUG where we gather to work together, celebrate and connect with neighbors. We are so pleased with our beehives, mature trees and RainWise project.