Note to Gabriel

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A poem by Rody Rowe Audacious, yes? You dare to suggest            a tryst     a rendezvous?            Eternity            desires,to make love to me?            Really?You know what people      are asking?               If“Hail, O favored … Read More

October 29, 2023 — The Rev. Bryon Hansen

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This is one of the ways we may think about the ministry of Jesus. Jesus rummaged through a lot of stuff in order to unearth that one thing, that one special heirloom that was hidden, buried, lost. By unearthing the heirloom, dusting it off, and setting before the people as front and center, Jesus was doing the work of fulfilling God’s law. And what he unearthed was the greatest commandment which was more than a remembrance of the past, it was life-giving.… Read More