Note to Gabriel

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A poem by Rody Rowe

Audacious, yes?
 You dare to suggest
            a tryst
     a rendezvous?
to make love to me?
You know what people
      are asking?
“Hail, O favored one,”
   was more threat
    than promise.
Did I have a choice?
       I tell them, yes,
        and no.
Same since time began
      for all of us:
   Life and death,
       and courage just to get out of bed.

You know, Sara laughed,
    right in your face
    when you began
 fooling around in her
  old, dried-up womb.
  Maybe it helped her
     move on from
     the ridiculous
astonishment, to awe.
      So, I might
     try that later.
     But for now,
    In the shadow
    of your wings,
  I’m heart-broken,
   but, come on then,
            I guess.

         Come on.

  1. Lou MacMillan
    | Reply

    Thank you for this evocative poem, which reminds me of a painting, “The Annunciation” by American artist Henry Ossawa Tanner. Here’s a link to an article about that picture. Perhaps the poet had it in mind?

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