June 2, 2024 — The Rev. Canon Britt Olson

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“When we are cracked open, it is God’s light that will pour forth.  When we get out of the way by not trying to be God but just to be our most authentic, vulnerable and true selves, then the light of Christ will show in our lives.  This is so counterintuitive.  We try to be strong, to be perfect, to fix everything and to overcome every challenge.  Meanwhile there is a more glorious and beautiful light that can only illumine us when we allow ourselves to be weak.”… Read More

May 26, 2024 — The Rev Canon Britt Olson

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That’s kind of how life in the Spirit feels to me. Sometimes you’re flowing with a creative power and presence as it takes you in fresh directions and other times, your little boat is overwhelmed and you’ve capsized into deep water. The Spirit has the power to heal and the power to bring us to our knees.… Read More

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