There is Beauty in the Air

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A Poem by Josephine M (age 6 1/2)

There’s music in the trees,
music in the water.
The sun coming up on high.
The dawn is just,
coming up to rise.
There’s beauty in the air.
There is beauty in the grass.
So many new things to explore.

Just, just, go and see,
you’ll find harmony.

The leaves rustling through the day.
The sunset coming down,
the moonlight coming out,
In the nighttime.
The nighttime is the right time,
The day comes out again.
The dawn is comin’.
Oh, the leaves are rustling,
the beauty of daylight coming.

There is beauty in the air.
There is beauty in the air.
Beauty in the treetops.
It’s morning again, everybody’s coming.
It is a great, great day, to-day.

This is Josie’s first song–a verbatim, single take transcription as recoded in her father’s make-shift studio. Josephine is the granddaughter of Rody and Alice Rowe.

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