JUNE is PRIDE month!!

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This month holds many opportunities to celebrate our queer siblings, both here in Ballard and downtown with the larger Episcopal Church community. Check out the diocesan page for information on events June 24-25. The big parade is Sunday June 25, 10:30am – 1pm. Learn more about joining here.

Reclamation: A Conversation with Rev. Kali Cawthon-Freels

Join us at St. Luke’s for our PRIDE Forum event on June 25th at 11:30am PST after worship. This will be a hybrid event, so you can join in person at St. Luke’s or virtually via Zoom! We’ll be joined virtually by The Rev. Kali Cawthon-Freels to share about her book, Reclamation: A Queer Pastor’s Guide to Finding Spiritual Growth in the Passages Used to Harm Us. I encourage you to purchase the book from the publisher at the link above or through your favorite independent bookstore and to come with your questions for Pastor Kali.

To send in a question you’d like to see addressed in the conversation, please email Mother Hillary at hillary@stlukesseattle.org by Wednesday, June 21st!

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