Gratitude Gatherings in October and November

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As part of our Fall Giving Campaign, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community and
connection by meeting in parishioner’s homes for light refreshments and conversation. There
are a variety of dates and locations available from Shoreline to West Seattle!
Please view our online sign-up

and plan to join old friends and new for a lovely time of fellowship.

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  1. Karen Ledger
    | Reply

    Hello! Karen and Michael here. We’d definitely like to sign up for the Zoom gathering. We’d love to attend in person to get to know our fellow parishioners better, but are still wary about being in public. We’ll just have to go to more coffee hours to meet our church neighbors

  2. Joe Burdett
    | Reply

    I heard about gratitude gathering from St. Luke’s Thursday morning prayer family.. I’m kind of limited because of an autoimmune problem I don’t really meet with people except online. I’d like to take part whenever I can

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