Edible Hope T-Shirts

Support the good work of the Edible Hope Kitchen by purchasing a t-shirt online.

It will be delivered to the address you choose and you can give them as gifts.  Proceeds from each sale will help by providing a week’s worth of meals to one of our guests. Click here to get your custom t-shirt:   You can also share the link with others.

At Edible Hope, we serve more than just meals, we serve hope. This edible hope gives meaning and saves lives. Proceeds from each sale will feed a vulnerable person breakfast for a whole week. Thank you for all your support.

Edible Hope’s mission is to build community through a shared meal, love, and service. And we envision a world in which our housed and unhoused neighbors are nourished with compassion, hope, and connection.

For almost 35 years, the Edible Hope Kitchen has been welcoming anyone who is hungry, unsheltered, or lonely into our space for a hot cup of coffee and a home-cooked meal. Most of our guests are local unhoused neighbors or low-income workers in need of a meal or a warm place to rest and start their day. These are our most vulnerable neighbors who fear for their safety on a daily basis. We know Edible Hope saves lives because our guests often tell us so. Many have server medical issues, suffer from substance abuse, mental health issues, and physical and sexual abuse. Through the relationships we build and the good food prepared with care, compassion, and intention, many have experienced the love of God and neighbor.

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