St. Luke’s Masking Policy – March 8, 2022

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St. Luke’s is continuing to require masking in its indoor spaces. While we understand that the Governor has decided to no longer require masking in some indoor settings, St. Luke’s continues to require that members and visitors wear masks in order to keep St. Luke’s a safe and welcoming space for the members of our community who are at increased risk, including the elderly, immunocompromised, and unvaccinated children. Individual speakers who are serving as lectors, presiders, preachers, or leading the songs or prayers during service will have the option to unmask during their speaking role in order to allow members of the community with hearing impairments to better follow their speech and thus participate fully in the service.

The decision to maintain indoor masking for members and visitors was made after much reflection and discussion by St. Luke’s Bishop’s Committee, taking into consideration King County health metrics, the specific needs of the community at St. Luke’s, and activities–such as, for instance, singing–that might impact the need for masks. The Bishop’s Committee will continue to evaluate policies regarding masking on a monthly basis as these factors continue to evolve. Thank you for helping to make St. Luke’s a safe and inclusive space for all of the members of our community.

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